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Exploring Care Options at DMC

We’ve supported patients with various treatment needs for over 40 years. While most of our patients receive dialysis three times per week, we also serve those with varying requirements in frequency and duration. Give us a call and we can discuss all the options available to you.

We support patients across the spectrum. Everyone from those working or attending school, to the frail and elderly, those with disabilities, language barriers, cognitive impairment and or multiple health conditions. We always work with you and your hospital team to ensure dialysis treatment in a community setting is the right choice.

Our facilities are publicly funded and fully covered by OHIP, so no matter how unique your dialysis needs are, you won’t be charged for any of the services we provide. All amenities including TV, parking, drinks and snacks are also provided free of charge.

We’re always happy to discuss the option of dialysis care in your community. Feel free to contact the DMC location closest to you with any questions you may have. Our Coordinators will follow-up with you to discuss your options in more detail and if possible, schedule an in-person tour with you and or your family.

Receiving Care at DMC

Absolutely. We understand the long-term nature of chronic kidney disease, and that you often establish strong, lifelong ties with your care team. That’s why we work with your home hospital and primary Nephrologist(s) to manage your care and provide a seamless overall experience.

Of course. As your partners in care, we encourage all eligible patients to begin the process for transplantation. We also liaise with the transplant hospitals to help facilitate all required tests and blood work. We are happy to report that over the years, many of our patients have received transplants.

We believe patients and their families have the right to travel, take time off or simply have a break. We enable this right by providing access to short term stays at our sites for all OHIP covered patients. Come stay with us for a day or a month; no matter how long you’re with us, we will look after you until you’re ready to return home.

Patients spend a lot of time on dialysis. That is why we believe the atmosphere at our sites should reflect an environment that feels like home and designed to meet your needs. The most frequent comment we receive from those we care for is that our quiet, relaxed and familiar atmosphere is calming and helps to make each treatment easier and more manageable.

We endeavor to support those wishing to travel to our local area. This includes both Ontario patients (OHIP covered) and out of province / international patients. To learn more about an option to support you, please reach out to us directly or fill out our contact form.

Accessing Care at DMC

Our clinics are open six days a week  and can accommodate a variety of schedules. For more details, contact your nearest location to speak with our Coordinator and we’ll work with you to find a schedule that fits your life.

We make every attempt to support interested patients at the earliest possible opportunity. However, as we occasionally operate at capacity, we encourage you to call today to speak with our Coordinators, who can add you to our transfer list and ensure we have a spot ready for you, when you’re ready to transfer.

Our facilities are designed with you in mind and are easily accessible by both personal and public transportation (for example both TTC and York Region Transit service our Warden Ave. location). Reserved parking and drop-off zones are steps away (20-30 feet) from the treatment area, making it safer and more accessible for you.

Yes, DMC encourages patient travel and gathers information required for dialysis at other facilities. DMC also promotes the use of Lions Camp Dorset dialysis facility located in Dorset, Ontario.

Schedule an in-person tour or start a conversation about treatment options, start your dialysis journey at one of our three clinics today.

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