We strongly believe that modelling the future of healthcare begins by being an agent of positive change in our healthcare system and communities. This is why we share our initiatives in innovation and take pride in being environmentally and socially responsible leaders.

Our Environmental Commitment

We are committed to providing care in green and renewable facilities. We achieve this in discovering ways to reduce the environmental waste and energy involved in our care. We are proud to continue leading in this realm of sustainable healthcare. Some of our green initiatives include:

1. Achieving zero-emission facilities by:

  • Providing the first renewable-powered dialysis in Canada by using 100% green electricity and hydro through Bullfrog Power
  • Programming higher energy use procedures, such as disinfections, to occur at low peak hours

2. Reduce waste programs that eliminate:

  • The yearly transport of 55,000lbs of ancillary supplies and removes 20,000 saline and 14,000 IV bags from landfills through online priming
  • 1,000,000 paper records and counting through electronic documentation and records storage
  • Travel emissions by using Telehealth (OTN), electric vehicles and offsetting of air travel if necessary

3. Reuse programs that:

  • Donates replaced medical and office equipment to local or international charities
  • Utilizes reusable sharps collectives to divert 300 sharp bins yearly from landfill

4. Recycling programs that:

  • Yearly diverts between 4000-5000lbs ancillary supplies from landfills
  • Replaces all non-essential single-use plastics with compostable and recyclable materials
  • Safely disposes/donates scrap metals, batteries and other materials

5. Sustainable building renovation program that:

  • Chooses recycled and low VOC materials for use in construction including rubber flooring
  • Retrofits with LEDs to save approximately 75% in energy use for facility lighting
  • Supports the transition to electric heating and cooling by investing in cold climate heat pump technology

6. Eco-friendly investing and banking

  • Partnered with a mission aligned bank, Vancity Community Investment Bank (VCIB) that exclusively partners with organizations that drive positive change
  • Support VCIB’s impact investing program to aid in the financing of transformational projects such as clean energy and affordable housing projects

Explore organizations working towards a simliar vision of driving sustainability in healthcare

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Our Community Support

We believe our role as a care provider extends into our communities and as such support initiatives on behalf of our team and the communities we serve. These initiatives include:

  1. Partnering with the Kidney Foundation to support fundraising for research and programs for patients with kidney disease
  2. Encouraging the adoption of socially responsible investing in our retirement and pension programs
  1. Knowledge sharing and translation of best practices between other nephrology providers at local and national conferences
  2. Supporting awareness campaigns on organ, tissue and blood donation

Our Commitment to Innovation

We believe in the power of change and as an organization remain flexible, nimble and agile in our responses to the ever-changing landscape of healthcare science. Exploring new technology, ideas and visions continue to serve as a foundational piece to our vision of modelling the future of healthcare.

The following is an overview of some of DMC’s achievements in innovation:

  • Pioneered the opening of the first community dialysis facility in Ontario in 1982 and proceeded to champion the public expansion of community dialysis care with the opening of three publicly funded facilities through 1993-96. 
  • Founded open referral and patient empowered facilities, that allow anyone to receive care close to home without requiring a change in their hospital care team (1993-Present).
  • Served as the Canadian launch site for the Nephrology based medical record system, Clinical Computing (2011) and Vasc Alert, a vascular access surveillance program that helps to detect and prevent access complications before they arise (2014).
  • Co-designed expansion and renovations of our facilities with our patients, families and staff to ensure our space is a reflection of and responsive to them (2016-2020).
  • Utilizing the Ontario Telemedicine Network and other local health providers, such as pharmacies and foot care clinics, to bring care directly to our patients’ bedside (2017).
  • Became the first Independent Health Facility in the Greater Toronto Area to be awarded access to real-time digital health records through eHealth Ontario’s Connecting Ontario Viewer (2018).
  • Provided the first 100% green-powered dialysis treatment in Canada by partnering with Bullfrog Power (November 1st 2019).
  • Implemented rapid and timely actions during the COVID-19 pandemic that resulted in zero facility related infectious outbreaks (2020-2022).
  • In response to the 2023 CONVINCE study, elected to be the first sites in Ontario to transition all patients to post-dilution HDF therapy.

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