Commitment to Our Patients

Tailored Care That Fits Your Life

Your voice is always at the center of our decision making. We listen first and personalize your care to help you live life outside of our clinic.

We celebrate all cultural backgrounds and support language differences with translation support. We have assembled a diverse and sensitive care team in order to better understand your needs.

Our staff are thoughtful of any physical or cognitive needs and are able to accommodate mostly all those interested in our care.

It’s relaxed and comfortable.

Relaxed and Comfortable Setting

Whether you prefer a quiet, restful experience or wish to spend time with your family and friends, we make everyone at ease in our space.

Enjoy free wi-fi, cable TV, beverages and snacks during your treatment, in addition to a personal pillowcase, blood pressure cuff, and storage space for the duration of your care with us.

Convenient and Accommodating

We strive to accommodate your scheduling requests, assist in transportation coordination, and eliminate wait times.

Our drop-off zone and reserved free parking spaces are only steps away from your dedicated dialysis chair (20-30 feet).

From consults with your nephrologists, dietitians, pharmacists, and social workers, to foot assessments and other supports, we are committed to bringing your care directly to you. We ensure your wider healthcare team is aware of your concerns and have all the information they need.

Patient & Family Resources

The Right Expertise

Our staff’s knowledge and technical experience in dialysis care, approach to sharing and discussing your results, and coordination are a few of the ways we help make a difference in your health and well-being.

We have trusted and long-standing relationships with your hospital program, nephrologists, and healthcare teams who continue to support your care during your time with us.

Your safety is our priority. Central to this priority is a team of dedicated nephrologists and clinical nurse leaders who ensure your care is always delivered to the highest possible standard.

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